Penn State Mac Admins Conference (2014)

I went to an Apple conference down in Columbus this past April. It was seemingly a good listen, but I got the feeling that because it was Apple doing the talking that it was largely sanitized. What I mean by that is that 3rd party utilities were mentioned, but this was an Apple show. I spend my days at work and often after researching ways to make mine and my users tech experiences better. Often third party tools from little known people are the answer. These tools either enhance an Apple solution or they fill a hole that Apple left wide open.

So with the above being said if I had the choice I’d skip it. Spending three-four hours driving out to State College, PA and attending the MacAdmins conference would be more worth my time in my opinion. Looking at the session “menu” it’s filled with talks from folks that enjoy my fetish of using tools created by the little guy to make my job easier.

Oh well, their’s always next year and it helps that it’s during the summer months. I eagerly await the session video recordings on Youtube in the meantime.